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Exciting News for Fall 2018

Some exciting news and events are set for the Hawthorne Historical Society this Fall:

The Annual Hawthorne Historical Society Barbeque will take place on Saturday, September 29th from 1 to 4 PM. Once again Tom Stachelrodt will be hosting it at his barn which is filled with historical items. Please come and bring a favorite dish to share. All are welcome.

We are happy to announce that the Atlantic Stewardship Bank has donated $100 to the Society and according to the Branch Manager, Ms. Franca Iacovo, they would like to continue donating on an annual basis. Thank you Atlantic Stewardship Bank.

We are also pleased to announce that the renovation work on the historic Rea House has begun. The county has informed the Society that we will have a room in the house which will serve as our first permanent home. We look forward to using the room to house and display historical artifacts, as well as to store our records and paperwork.

Local author Veronica MacDonald Ditko is launching her first book entitled “A Rock Solid History of Hawthorne, New Jersey.” Children learn best through tangible objects like rocks. The book explores the history of Hawthorne, NJ through rocks and inspires school-aged youngsters to look at their surroundings, learn from what they can touch and see, and search for more. The book is available on