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Historical Society Plans "Oral History Project"

The Hawthorne Historical Society is developing plans to record the memories of longtime residents by conducting “oral history interviews” and creating audio/video recordings of the interviews. The purpose of the Oral History Project is to preserve the wealth of unwritten history held in the memories of Hawthorne residents.

Society member Brenna Rooney has been spearheading the initiative, which will be open to all interested residents, and will focus on those residents who lived in town before 1950. “We chose that date so we can get accounts of Hawthorne during WWII and a bit of post-WWII as well and hopefully even a few older accounts,” said Rooney. “But we can certainly expand the age range.”

The Oral History Project will launch in the Spring of 2007 with an all-day open house – details tba – open to all residents interested in recording their oral histories, or in donating any pictures or items to the society – that way more people can participate and share their piece of borough history even if they aren’t ready to be on tape just yet.

The Hawthorne Historical Society meets the second Monday of every month at 7p at the Louis Bay 2nd library and community center. All are welcome. For further information contact Jeff Gardner at 973-951-7081.