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Hawthorne Street

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Stained Glass

Hawthorne first grew up at the turn of the last century and the early 1900s, and many homes dating to that period still stand, with their beautiful original features intact. This stunning collection of Hawthorne’s stained glass windows remain in their original homes as a reminder of the era:

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Ask any resident of Hawthorne what they like about the town, and invariably they will say it’s the people. Here are a few of the people who have helped shape Hawthorne’s history.

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Like most communities, Hawthorne has evolved into a modern place to live, work and play, preserving much of its heritage while making room for progress. Enjoy these great scenes from our past. Some still here. Some, sadly, gone forever:

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Some of the things people in Hawthorne love now – from cars to sports – were things beloved in the last century too. And we can prove it:

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