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Hawthorne Historical Society Meets Monthly

The Hawthorne Historical Society will resume its monthly meetings at the Louis Bay Library on Monday, September 18, at 7 PM. The group, which was newly formed last spring, is a community-building and educational effort to bring together all people interested in the history of Hawthorne.

“A town that cares about its history is a town that cares about itself,” says the group’s founder and Hawthorne resident Jeff Gardner. “Anyone interested in learning about, preserving, or sharing the borough’s history is invited to join. Long-time and new residents alike as well as residents of all ages are welcome.

With the exception of this month, in observation of September 11, the group meets at the library the second Monday of every month at 7 PM. Current topics include the former geography of the town; historical buildings and residences; and resident memorabilia.

The assistance of any long-time residents with memories of the borough throughout the years; residents with Hawthorne memorabilia; or anyone interested in researching local history is greatly needed.

For further information contact: Jeff Gardner at 973-951-7081.