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Mayors Picture Project

Theater facadeMayors Picture Project

The Hawthorne Historical Society is pleased to announce that the Mayors Picture Project just added the framed picture of Mayor F. J. Renz (1904-1911) to the Mayors Collection at the Hawthorne Municipal Building. Currently there are 16 mayors on the wall, including Mayor Sylvester Utter (pictured, right).

Only two mayors’ pictures are missing: L.J. Jones (1901-1902) and John V.B. Terhune (1902-1904). If anyone can help us in locating pictures of these two former mayors, please contact the Hawthorne Historical Society on the web at or at P.O. Box 90, Hawthorne, NJ 07506.

The Mayors Picture Project is a collaboration of the Hawthorne Municipality, the Louis Bay 2nd Library and the Hawthorne Historical Society. Special thanks go to Jackie Walsh for discovering the picture of Mayor Renz.